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Double Disk Friction Screw Press

Double Disk Friction Screw Press

Slide Stroke: 500 - 800 mm

Number of Strokes: 9 - 11 min

Height of Base Plate: 180 - 300 mm

Main Motor Power: 55 - 320 kw

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Double Disk Friction Screw Press Introduction

Double disk friction screw press, also named as double-disk friction screw press, double-disk friction screw press machine or double disk friction press, is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry, for die forging, horizontal forging, bending, calibration, pressure-sizing and other mechanical work. Double disk friction screw press is with greater versatility, simple and affordable structure, easy installation, so double-disk friction screw press machine is widely used in press shop, forging and die forged workshop in building, auto, tractor, aviation and other industries, as well as blanking and suppressing of refractory.

Double Disk Friction Screw Press Features

1. Double disk friction screw press machine uses single-sided die-molding process, so only a model can complete many working steps.
2. The several processes of double disk friction press are done by machines with low requirement on operators, so accurate operation in a short time is available, which can improve its production efficiency.

Double Disk Friction Screw Press Working Principle

1. The motor of double-disk friction screw press leads transmission shaft to rotate in one direction via V-belt, and two friction disks installed on the transmission shaft also rotates along with the drive shaft.

2. When you press down the slider button, reverse valve, and move steering cylinder piston down, the axis will move to the right along with the main shaft via the lever system. The left friction disk compresses flywheel, and drives flywheel to rotate and change the circular motion of the flywheel into linear movement relying on friction.

3. After the sliding block contacting with work pieces through mold, all the energy generated in the movement of flywheel and the sliding block will release completely, and the inertia moment of flywheel will be translated into forged force of work piece through spiral institutions. After one hammering, press by button to rise sliding block, reverse valve, move cylinder piston upwards via lever system, right friction disc press tightly on the flywheel, then flywheel rotates reversely, sliding block returns back. After the sliding block lifting up to scheduled height, reverse valve, reset spring to make friction disc in the meso-position, meanwhile, control the sliding block stopping in the stated location.


Model Nomal force
Max. force
Slide stroke
Number of strokes
Min. enclosed height
Height of base plate
J54-630 6300 10000 600 11 650 180
J54-1000c 10000 16000 700 10 700 200
J54-1600C 16000 25000 700 10 750 200
J54-1600D 16000 25000 700 10 750 200
J54-2500C 25000 40000 800 9 980 300
J54-3150 31500 50000 500 9 1100 300


Model Working table-board
Back surface of Sliding block
Max. ejector force
Ejecting stroke
Main motor power (kw) Quality(kg)
J54-630 920×820 760×700 10 200 3800×5962×6060 55 51650
J54-1000c 1200×1000 1190×800 10 200 4700×6640×7650 90 88900
J54-1600C 1250×1100 1000×900 10 200 4500×5742×8090 132 103825
J54-1600D 1250×1100 1000×900 10 200 4500×5742×8090 2×75 103825
J54-2500C 1560×1200 1280×1060 10 200 1860×6280×7715 220 220000
J54-3150 2000×1300 1900×1120 10 200 7000×5400×10220 2×160 350000

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